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Consulting, Troubleshooting, and Diagnostics Services

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Probably the last time your car had problems you took it to a mechanic. The first thing you wanted to know was: "What is wrong and how much will it cost?" If your experience is like mine, the first thing your mechanic says is "We will have to run it though some diagnotics and that will cost you $##.00". (Some where between $75 and $95 is typical.). Your mechanic has rightly realized that it takes his expertise and hard won experience to provide that diagnosis and determine exactly what is needed to solve your problem. He can't give that away for free and stay in business. Well, we have the same problem here: An accurate diagnosis of your problem requires our expertise and experience, which is what are selling.

Remember that before purchasing any service always give us a call to ensure that we can provide the needed service.

Online Consulting, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Sessions Buy Now

Need help getting past a technical problem that has you stumped? We have over 25 years of experience troubleshooting a wide range of web related technical issues.

Feeling lost or over your head? We can help you understand the technical issues and requirments so that you can better determine the best technologies for your project.

  1. Online Dev Center to manage your consulting session.
  2. Ongoing Premium Sonic Dev Center Membership to manage your session
  3. Available Mon through Friday - 7:00 am - 7:00pm PST
  4. All time is logged and documented. Minimum of 15 minute units
  5. Dev Center Discussion, Video Conferences (Hangouts) or Remote Desktop (SimpleHelp)
  6. 24 hour minimum response to all questions. (Standard Availablility)

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