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Are you feeling like you are alone and need someone to talk to? Web technology can do that to most small business owners. The solution:

Let's Have a Chat.

We have a number of ways we can start this conversation:

Give us a call

Depending on your timezone and the time of day we might be able to connect right now. Our office hours are:

Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday: 2pm to 6pm PT
Friday and Saturday: 2pm to 4pm PT

Phone: 619.981-5299

Let's do a Hangout

Google+ has a powerful tool for meeting face to face. We can either arrange a time to meet (Use the popup window in the lower right corner of this screen). Or during the above listed office hours give me a ring throught Google+ Hangout system at +JohnMoore. Let's get that conversaton going.

Note: If this is your first time using the Google+ Hangout tool you will be prompted to install a plugin. After you finish that install you will be presented with an "Invite" dialog. Type in +JohnMoore and click "Invite". If I'm at my conputer I will get the call and we can start that converstation right now.

Email or Online Chat

In the lower right corner of this screen is a message popup. Click that and it will expand to a full message box. If any of us are available to do an online chat this will automatically open a chat window. If not, leave a message, we'll get an email and it will also go to our HelpDesk system and nag us until we reply.

Online Help Community

We have a Google+ Community Web Technology for Small Business that we monitor throughout the day. Ask your questions there and we will either find the answer or point you to the right direction. A great place to get that conversation going.


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