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Who Should Read This Book

This eBook is targeted primarily for the business community as consumers of web design, marketing and development solution providers. It is also of value to those same solution providers such that better understanding of these topics and the issues presented and will help them to better serve their customers.

Table of Contents - 24 pages

Sample excerpt from ebook

Core Control

It would seem reasonable to have a plugin named “Core Control” as one of your core plugins. Actually this is a plugin that you may never use, which is good, but when you need it, it will be a life saver. We use this plugin to determine if the WordPress site is “happy” and configured correctly.

Most of these are modules only a geek would love, but there is ONE that you should be familiar with because it will quickly tell you if everything is working correctly. The following module may be of use to the average user.

File System Access - Transports

One of the most frequent “problems” that gets posted on the Wordpress forums is problems relating to installing or updating plugins or Wordpress itself. Generally the problem has to do with File System access. This plugin module helps tell you at a glance whether you will have a problem later.

This module shows you which methods of file access are active. It is not bad if there are “red” bars indicating it is not available, what is bad is if “all” of them are red. Basically, you want the first on “Direct” to be available if you want your update and installations to work without any hassle of other “setup”. SSH2 requires special settings and is rarely available unless you specifically require it. The FTP settings are less critical and also require special settings to use properly. These settings would be provided by your Hosting provider. The Direct transport requires that the permissions of your WordPress filesystem be the same “user” as your webserver. Some Hosting providers do not have this setup so that those permissions are the same and hence this transport will be “red”.

Bottom line is that you want the first one to be “green”. If it is, you are a happy camper.

File System Access – Paths

At some point you may need to know the full path to your WordPress site and this is where that information is available. Make a metal note, forewarned is forearmed.


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