SonicWebTech™ Ask a WebTech Pro Service

General Terms of Service

These terms of service for the SonicSpider LLC's SonicWebTech Ask a WebTech Pro service is an amendment to the published Terms of Service Agreement as posted on SonicSpider's web site ( and the SonicWebTech Programs General Terms of Service posted on the SonicWebTech site ( These documents may be modified without notice.


USER:A person that wishes to use the Ask a WebTech Pro service as outline herein

SSLLC: SonicSpider LLC, the provider of services for the SonicWebTech™ Programs.

DEV CENTER: The Sonic Development and Resource Center. This is the core system used to provides these services.

General Agreement

SSLLC agrees to provide general guidance, advice, and technical consulting utilizing the online Sonic Development and Resource Center system (DEV CENTER), to any question in the area of Web Technology through our Ask a WebTech Pro service for USER during regular business hours (8 am to 5pm, PST, Monday through Friday). The USER can expect a reply generally within 24 hours ONLY during those normal business work days. If a question is posted after 5pm PST on Friday the 24 hour period begins at 8am on the following Monday (if not a holiday). This 24 hour goal is not a guarantee. The USER's name and email address will be added to a targeted informational list that relates to the selected topic.


The USER's name and email address will not be sold or passed on to any other service or company. Its use will be limited to this service and any news or technical information that SSLLC deems related to the chosen technical topic. The USER can opt out of this list at any time.

Types of Answers to be Expected

The USER understands that they are not expecting an extensive technical answer. The reply to the question will be in the form of advice and guidance that is intended to move the USER forward in their understanding of the technical problem and quest for a solution. The reply in the free service will generally be one or two sentences or could be a simple “yes” or “no”. The USER also understands that the WebTech may offer a more detailed answer if the USER choses to purchase any of the provided paid services: Ask A WebTech Pro Followup, Ask A WebTech Pro Indepth, SoncWebTech Technical Support, or Consulting Package.

Service Definitions

  1. Free Ask a WebTech Pro – Service provided as guidance or advice based on the question provided by USER. This reply will be limited by the allotment of 5 minutes of WebTech time and administered only via the online DEV CENTER system.
  2. Ask a WebTech Pro Followup – Service provides more technical answers to any question from USER and will be limited to an average of 10 minutes of technical support from a WebTech and administered only via the online DEV CENTER system.
  3. Ask a WebTech Pro Indepth – Service provides an online question/answer discussion format in which the USER can ask as many questions as is allowed for the WebTech to reply with the average of 20 minutes of technical support. The Indepth system will close out the discussion after the WebTech as used up this allotment. If more help is needed the USER can purchase extensions to the Indepth or move on to more extensive SonicWebtech services.

General Conditions and Limitations

  1. Since SSLLC has no control over the use of these services, SSLLC is not responsible for how the results of these services are used by the USER, and is not responsible for any damage incurred by that use.
  2. The answers provided by this service are intended to provide general guidance and direction for the USER to continue learning and/or researching more detailed information or solutions. These answers are NOT intended to be complete or exhaustive.
  3. At any time SSLLC reserves the right to NOT answer a question meets the following criteria:
    1. The question is outside of the scope of this service, at the WebTechs discretion.
    2. The question requires more time or information than is allotted by this service.
    3. The question is determined to be incomplete or unintelligible.
  4. SSLLC is not responsible for the business or functional utility of the help provided.
  5. SSLLC is not responsible for undelivered emails or notices from the DEV CENTER system. The USER can login at anytime to check for an answer or seek information as to the lack of an answer.


There are no refunds for purchases of the Ask a WebTech Pro Followup or Indepth services. If the USER choses to not utilize this service after purchase that is at their own discretion. All purchases of these services are final.

Problems or Complaints

The USER can at any time utilize the Sonic Help Desk (found on the Answer Center page) to contact management about any problems with this service. The only remedy will be to provide additional WebTech time allotment to the USER to complete or rectify the problem service. The added amount will not exceed the normal allotment for that service purchased as described herein under Service Definitions.